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60th Reunion Survey

A message from the CHS Class of 1961 Reunion Committee!

Hard as it is to believe, in two years we will be celebrating the 60th year anniversary of our graduation fron CHS.  Where did those years go?  It feels like just yesterday we all walked out of the auditorium at UB with our diplomas.

In preparation for this milestone event, we are requesting input from you all to help us make the best plan possible.   Please review the survey questions and share your thoughts and opinions. We will review your responses and do our best to incorporate as many of your ideas as we can.  We also ask that you reply to the survey by October 1, 2019.  We want this event to be fun and memorable as we gather together once again.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Your '61 CHS Reunion Committee


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1)   * Are you interested in attending a 60th Reunion? Please enter YES or NO in the Comment Box. If your answer is No, you don't have to complete any more of the survey.

2)   * If you are interested in attending a 60th Reunion event, would you prefer a luncheon or dinner affair? Please enter your preference in the Comment Box

3)   We are looking for preferences for the timing of the event(s). This is a multiple part question. Please be specific in making your selection and enter your selection in the Comment Box. 1. A one day luncheon event 2. A one evening dinner event 3. An informal Friday evening event and a more formal Saturday evening dinner

4)   Please let us know the month you prefer for a reunion event. Enter the month of your choice in the Comment Box. 1. August 2. September 3. October

5)   This part of the survey offers you the opportunity to make suggestions or comments that you think will help the committee make the best decisions for this very special celebration. Use the Comment Box to share your thoughts and opinions.