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Anthony Capazelli originally uploaded this photo to his profile page, but I was unable to edit it so that we could share it on its own page.  Thanks, Butch, for sending it again so that we can all see it, and for adding many of the names.  Now we have to provide names to all of these adorable faces. If you want to see the faces on a larger screen, I found it clearest to go to Tools at the top of the browser screen (It might look like a gear or it might look like 3 dots) and increase the Zoom as necessary, or use the other enlargement hints from the Home Page.)  I just got an update re names from Mike Pinkowsky with a few changes.  Please feel free to join the effort if you see a need for a change.

Row 1:  1. ?  2. Marie Sisbarro  3. Josephine Sagnella  4. John Marchetti  5. ?  6. Samuel Provansano  7. ?  8. Susan Tombari

Row 2:  1. Robert Marchetti  2. Barry Drew  3. Anthony Capezzali  4. Caroline Walker  5. Mary Ann Costa  6. Peggy Hoffman  7. Frances Violante  8. Diane Rende  9. Frank Rodi  10. Michael Pinkowsky 11. Frank Jacquoe(sp)

Row 3:  1.  John Sparano  2. Danny McMullen  3. Tom Paternoster  4. Marshall Levin  5. ?. 6. David Crumb  7. Anthony Quintilliano  8. John Tomatore  9. Douglass Kenney  10. Louis Belinkie

Row 4:  1. Mary Ann Baldino  2. Gloria Krofsik  3.  Margie Kucky  4.  Joseph Weyerstrass  5. David Marcus  6.?  7. Lila Jordan  8. Angela Guglielmo  9. ?