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Mrs. Reale/Mr. Drake HR 310

Thanks to AnnMarie Tatangelo Mercurio and Gloria Cerreta Manning, we have another Home Room photo.  Now we need names.  

Sitting on the steps from 1st step up to the 6th: 1.Bernice Tribble  2. Joyce Coppola 3. Linda Lord 4. Carole Ponzetti 5. Judy Drew  6. Catherine Colbert

Sitting on the wall:  1. Gloria Cerreta  2.Gloria Laks 3. AnnMarie Tatangelo 4.Linda Waterman 5.Nila Marsh 6. Gloria Krofssik  7. Alexandra Rentz  8.Linda Cosgrove

Standing on the wall:  1. Donald Meath 2. Richard Schepis 3. Jerome Supple 4. Donald Jackson 5.Matt Fitch 6. Arthur Athanas  7. Richard Groves

Standing against the Column:  1.  2. Pat Gagnos 3. Stephanie Griz