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Mr Connelly's HR 206





Mr Connelly's Home Room  206 Although I had originally contributed the photo of HR 206, it had considerable water damage from a flooded basement.  At the 55th Reunion Dinner, I saw that Mike Pinkowski had a much cleaner copy.  We all look a lot better without the water blotches!  Thanks, Mike, from all of us.

From Left to Right:  On Steps, Row 1: 1- Gloria Williamson 2 - Maria Santos 3 - Sharon Moore Row 2: 1 - Eileen Downey 2- 3- Gwen Winkler Row 3: 1- Patricia Shearer 2- Linda Cox Row 4: 1-Antoinette Delprete Row 5: 1-Norman Hair  From Left to Right:  Seated on Wall: 1-Ronald Adinolfi 2-June McNeil 3- Edward Augort 4-Barbara V Smith 5-Muriel Mackenzi 6-Edward Godzinski 7-Charles Clark 8-Michael Pinkosky Standing: 1 - Michael Charney 2-John Scinto 3- Haviland Tweedy 4- Edward Richter 5-Michael Sidoti 6- Richard Laidlaw 7- David Knecht 8- Mr Connellly