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Mr Grenda's Home Room


Mr Grenda's Home Room Junior Year contributed by Don Troiano

Donald says this was an all boys homeroom, the only female being Dr McElroy who would rent draw space for a while.

 Sitting on Steps (From Left to Right): Row I: 1- Donald Hoydilla 2- Row 2: 1-Gary Guay 2-3-Donald Troiano 4-

Sitting on the Wall(From Left to Right): 1- Vinny Sciuto 2-John Tomatore 3- Joseph Weyerstrauss

Standing (From Left to Right): 1- Clement LaRusso 2- Anibal Henriques 3- Marshall Levine 4-Norman Dorchinsky 5-Jerry Feinstein 6-Henry Rotzal 7- William Lapore 8-9-