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Mr Belinski's Home Room

Thank you to Darlene Merly Johnston who just found this photo from her CHS Home Room.  I think the HR teacher was Mr. Belinski, but I could be wrong.  We are also not sure of the HR number.  Please help out by putting names to these faces.  

Standing on the wall:  1.Victor Maccharoli  2. 3. Edward Balogh 4. Steve Chisarik  5.6. David Sanborn  7. Steve Domizio ?

Sitting on the Wall: 1.2.Carolyn Gregsak 3. Darlene Merly 4. Dolores Oliver 5.6.

Sitting on the Steps:  Step 1. Steve Maude - 1, 2.3. Step 2. -1.Kathy Yish 2.Step 3. - 1.,2.Marie Modica 3. Robert DeCerbo

Mr. Belinski

Girl on Mr. Belinski:'s right

Boy on Mr, Belinski left: Robert Brooks

Boy standing on the top step: Raymond Salza