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Home Room 301

Here we go again!  Thanks to Ruth Johnson Colquit for sharing this picture of her home room.  Now we all have to get involved in putting names to faces! We are still uncertain about the name of the home room teacher for this group of students. So far, I have a male teacher and a female teacher, both without a name.  It might be possible that the teacher was changed for some reason which could explain one of our problems.  I am asking that site members shown above come forward with their own memories of what went on in HR 301!

On the Steps, L to R,  Row 1: 1-Kathleen Murphy  Row 2, Lto R: 1- 2- 3-Delores Burrell 4- Susan Bonney Row 3, L to R: 1- Marilyn Johnson 2-Ruth Johnson 3- Victoria Woods Row 4: 1- Sandra Geldman

Sitting On the Wall, L to R: 1- 2-Charles Groves 3- Charles Eck 4-Harry Grossman 5- 6-Philip Goldstein 7- Patricia Turiano 

Standing on the Wall. L to R: 1- Rich Marchionni 2-Richard Halpin  3-Frank Pisanelli 4- 5- Emma Gabor 6- Joan Malewicki 7- Joan Cherney 8-Shirley Right 9- Elinor Smith